Pre Purchase Contract Review Sydney

What makes us different?

Residential and Investment home loans are a dominant feature of the products we offer.  These products cover PAYG, low doc and credit impaired applicants so we will be able to source the most appropriate solution based on your needs and employment circumstances. 

With a home loan range of over 700 products you have a broad choice of home loans to suit your needs.  Let’s take a look at the two main purposes that these home loan types cover:

Residential Home Loans

Home loans for the residential space are used by owner occupiers.

The different types of home loans available offer many choices such as fixed rate home loans, variable rate home loans, low doc home loans, home loans with a line of credit attached or an offset account linked to the home loan.

Pre Purchase Contract Review Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

For many property buyers, the reasons for buying a pre purchase contract review are obvious –
you want to know as much as you can about what costly contract clauses there might be to bring the property into an acceptable legal condition.

For further reading, visit the NSW, VIC, QLD or WA Government websites.

What is less common knowledge is the need to make sure these reviews are carried out by independent law firms which are independent of the vendor / selling agent.

Independence is KEY when looking at a pre purchase contract review. It is also important to ensure that you obtain a pre purchase pest inspection report before you buy.

Investment Home Loans

Home loans for investors are almost identical to residential home loans although the predominant choice for investors is to have the repayments as interest only.

Some other home loan choices investors often select is to have a redraw facility or line of credit attached to their home loan.

This allows the investor to draw funds from the home loan for other investments as they arise.

Credit Impaired Home Loans

With regard credit impaired home loans we also have a range of lenders that are able to assist, our main focus is to assist you in getting back on track with a medium term view to restructure your loan into mainstream banking when the time is right to do so.

So what makes us different?

Well unlike other companies which offer only a limited choice of home loans, we offer you a broad choice of home loans and can tailor your home loan to suit your individual needs.

We also have a strong focus on ensuring that all of our clients continue to receive the most appropriate loan product for their needs by constantly reviewing products in the market and staying in touch in the short and long term.

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