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Slander and Misleading Statements from the Web

Internet Defamation Lawyer

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An Internet Defamation Lawyer Can Help Remove Defamation, Slander and Misleading Statements from the Web.

It’s a fact of modern life that your business, professional and personal reputation is on the line every minute of the day on the Internet. Unlike print or broadcast media, damaging material appearing on the Internet can remain there a long time, if not forever.

Internet Defamation Measures To Help You

Our Internet defamation team can help you pursue a variety of approaches to protect your reputation. We will consider a range of measures from the enforcement of defamation laws to other legal avenues which can protect you from attacks your name, your business name or your brands.

You May Be Able To Recover Monetary Damages

Defamation is the publication of a statement that tends to make others think less of you or your business or professional reputation. You may be able to recover monetary damages if the defamation is serious. If the defamatory statement is permanently posted on a web site, you may be able to have it removed. A qualified internet defamation lawyer can help you to have the damaging statements taken down.

Legal Defences To Defamation

We can also explain the legal defences that exist if you have unwittingly defamed someone else. While there are limits on companies with more than ten (10) employees bringing an action in defamation we can explain other avenues which could also provide relief such as the torts of injurious falsehood, deceit, negligent misstatement and misleading and deceptive conduct and other breaches the Australian Consumer Law. We also work with specialist search engine optimization experts who can assist you in a practical way which works hand-in-hand with the law.

Your Reputation Is Important : We’ll Protect It

We Know What Works

The publication of defamatory statements and your personal images on the internet not only affects your reputation and good name, but they can do so for a very long time once they are indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, or Bing. That is why it is important to work with our lawyers and search enhancement professionals to have them removed promptly from both the website and from the search engine cache. An Internet lawyer will know what strategies work, depending on the nature and location of the web site on which the defamatory statement is published.

If you have been the victim of an attack on your reputation on the Internet that has hurt your good name or business; contact one of our Internet defamation lawyers based in Woollahra, Sydney today.

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