What Are Desktop Bitcoin Wallets

What are desktop Bitcoin wallets?

Desktop wallets are the kinds of bitcoin wallets used in the UK  that keep your bitcoins safe on your computer. Usually, these kinds are good for keeping bitcoins safe and for spending your bitcoins online, but they’re not the best option if you’re hoping to buy something in a physical shop.

If you have already downloaded Bitcoin Core (which was the original bitcoin client), then you’re already running a bitcoin wallet! Not only does it relay transactions all over the bitcoin network, but wallet also allows you to make a bitcoin address, so that you can send and receive bitcoins and store it’s private key, too.

Finding a good desktop Bitcoin wallet

There are loads of desktop wallets, so don’t worry too much about not being able to find any that you like. Plus, many of them come with their own cool features, too. You’re more likely to have the issue of not being able to choose one instead not finding any!

Also, there are some which only run on certain devices, and others that work on any. MultiBit is a wallet that runs on Linus, Windows and Mac OSX, and Hive is a wallet that is OS X-based, and it comes with a bunch of great features (such as an app store that connects to bitcoin services).

Not only that, but some are made to have super strong security (one of these is Armory), and others focus more on privacy and anonymity. One of these wallets is DarkWallet, and it uses a browser plug-in (which isn’t heavy at all, by the way) to give services such as coin mixing, which is where a user coins are exchanged for others to stop people from being able to track them.

There are also loads that focus on being user-friendly and simple to use, so have no fear if you’re a begginer, because these kinds of wallets aren’t likely to confuse you at all.

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